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QuickBase Juiced Tech URL to generate document while the template and the URL field are in different applications

Hi community,

I have a question about setting up a formula URL using Juiced Tech to generate a document in an application referring the template stored in another application.

I used the code that usually works when the template and the generate button are in the same app, but I could not get it to work when referring the template in another application. Please see below codes and let me know how I can get it to work.

Thanks in advance! 

& "clientid=W230" // Our company client id
& "&appid=bq5nuxsac" // Application where the template is stored
& "&tpdbid=" & [_DBID_DOCUMENT_TEMPLATES] // Target database ID where the templates are stored
& "&tpid=19" //Template id
& "&fn=Sales_Order" //The table that I want to generate the document
& "&msid=" & URLEncode ([Record ID#]) 
& "&msdb=" & Dbid() 
& "&faid=132&efpdte=133" // File attachment and generated date fields
& "&addfiles="
& "&docfmt=pdf&stream=y"
& "&apptoken=d8v8cjiaafvwet546bc93xcsx7dam" // Application token to access the application that stores the template

Davy Ou

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  • I do not believe you can generate a document from a template stored in a different application; because you only encode the AppID once.  The AppID is that where the file is generated and stored and where the Templates are stored.  There is no variable to point your tpdbid to another application.  I doubt this is supported at this time.  Juiced Tech have good documentation from their website on their tools.  You would likely have to setup the EF+ feature in the new application; and then duplicate (copy across) the data from your Template tables into your new app for the new instance of EF+ to work.

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