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10 months ago


Reporting. I would like to create a field to add to an existing report. I would like to know the Sunday date (beginning of the week) of which a case was created. 

For example:

If I open a case today, 08.05.2023. I would like the field "opened this week", to display 07.30.2023. 

In excel the formula would be =A2-MOD(A2-1,7)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Daisy Flores

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    Something like FirstDayOfWeek([Date Created) as a formula should do that for you. Create the field on the table then add to the report you want. You may have already figured that out but leaving this here in case someone searches.

    The answer here might change if you have the first day of the week set as something else in your app as this is an app setting. So check that if you have any issues.