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5 months ago

"Save as" and required fields

Does anyone know if there's a way (or do you have alternative suggestions) to ensuring "required fields" do get completed at a record close-out, but that Quickbase is setup in such a way that the end user can save their progress as they go?

For context - my program provides consultations that can sometimes be 4+ hours; users are asking for a way to begin inputting their datapoints without risking losing those datapoints as a record sits there open/waiting to be saved and closed out - but I do want to be sure on final closeout, we have received those datapoints, many of which are required by our grant funders, and for the user's own payroll of course, so it's vital to get that info at the time they're completing the new record. 


Christine Kirk

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  • So you'll need to adjust this for how you actually close out your record / submit it - but the idea is to create some kind of 'validation passed' field. That field is just a big checkbox that lists out all the fields you want completed and checks if they have a value. So something like: 


         [Field 1] != "" and 

         [Field 2] != "" and 

         [Field 3] != "" and 

         [Field 4] != "" and 

         [Field 5] != "",


    With that field - it will be unchecked until all of you fields are entered. You can then use form rules, or other ways depending on how they are 'submitting' and say something like: 

    When validation passed if not checked, make read only or hide your submission field. 

    So if you have something like a 'Submit' checkbox - then you would make the form rule hide or make that field read only until validation passed is true. 

    You could also do something similar - and make a formula-rich text field that makes a bulleted list that spells out which fields they actually need to still complete as well. 

    Just make sure in your if statement that you're accounting for data types for things like dates, numbers, etc. 

    Chayce Duncan