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5 years ago

Searching/Filtering a Quickbase Report in WordPress

We have a database of over 1000 software products we have reviewed for our University's use. We imported this database into a WordPress page using shortcode for a report we created. However, this page just lists all 1000 products in one giant table. We would like to provide some search/filtering capabilities besides Control F or breaking it up into several reports and attaching anchors. 

Ideally, we would like to run searches on the Software Product, the Software Vendor and/or the Resolution (Approved, Denied or Conditional).

Does anyone know of an easy way to do this in Quickbase or any WordPress plugins that would help us with this.  Right now, we are manually importing the information into TablePress and then manually importing that into our WordPress site.


Mark Harben
North Carolina State University
Software Licensing Management
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