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4 years ago

Text field formatting

I have two text fields in a formula.  How can make the display like two separate paragraphs

Robert Rufli

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    In my example I have two text multi-line fields ('text 1' and 'text 2') , and a third text formula field, 'paragraphs', that will concatenate both with a newline character "\n". 

    So you'll take 'text 1' and 'text 2' and in the 'paragraphs' field you'll want to use the List function as so:

    List("\n", [Text Field 1], [Text Field 2])

    You'll end up with a concatenation of both fields into paragraphs:
    I'm sure there are many ways to do this, perhaps more sophisticated, but this is a simple way to do what you're asking. 

    Angel Rodriguez
    Application Developer