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5 years ago

Text field not populating

Any idea why a text - user input field is not saving the user input?  There is a green saved alert popping up, however when you scroll back to the field it is still blank?

Alycn Bjergo-Justen

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    Can you give a little more context?

    You are on a form in Edit mode. You enter data into a text field and click the green Save&Close button. You should be returned to the same record in View mode.

    Which part not working for you? Or is this not exactly what you were doing?
  • I am in a Form in edit, I go to my Field (it is a Text field - user input).  I try to enter a ID# and hit save & close.
    When I return to the field it is blank.

    Alycn Bjergo-Justen