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3 years ago

Time and Date for If a Field was Changed?

Hi Folks,

I'm not sure this is the best way to put this together, but here is my scenario.

I have 1 table (Intersections) that includes fields for "Name" (Text), 5 different "Route" Checkboxes, 5 different "Route Sequence" (Numbered 1 - 50ish), "Status" (Dropdown choice).

Caveats: Each Intersection "Name" can have multiple "Route" Checkboxes checked.

My Questions are:

I would like to capture a Date Time, if the "Status" Dropdown was changed.


Create a report based on the last Status time. (If Row Item status was changed within the last Day, add to report). 

Is there any way to do that? 
Thank you for any assistance.

William Wallace

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  • Hi William,

    Another option if being able to report and track on Status changes overall for your Intersection table would be valuable you can also use Pipelines and a child table to build your own log table to track key changes in your Status. This kind of technique is used by builders who want to be able to run reports on data changes, track when they happen, and even pull up metrics like how long their records stay in certain statuses, etc. We published an article that goes over Creating Data Change Logs Using Pipelines that walks through one way you can accomplish this kind of build if you want to be able to create reporting off these data changes and tracking without needing more manual steps for your end users.

    Evan Martinez
  • No problem,

    Create a date field called [Status Change Date].

    If 100% of your data entry is done one by one on a form then you can set up a Dynamic Form Rule that says

    When the record is saved
    The Status has Changed

    Change the value if the field [Status Change Date] to "the current date".

    Or, if any of your edits are done by grid edit or by some kind of data import than form rules will not work. Forum rules only work when the data entries on forms. In that case you will need to set up an automation or a pipeline to do this. It is probably easiest to set up a automation even though they're being phased out and then use the migration tool to change it into a pipeline.

    Feel free to post back if you have any questions.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Hi Mark,

      I tried using the above and for some reason it is not working for me. The 'Status' field in my app is a rich text formula field. I've had issues with formulae being able to read the final value of a rich text field and so created another dummy field that has a value of the rich text Status field.

      Using either, the Status change date is not getting populated.

      What could be the issue?



      Deepa Prashant
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      That worked out perfect! 

      Thank you!

      William Wallace