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Qrew Cadet
5 years ago

Toggle the "Read-only" form element attribute

I have a key field that ties my child record to my parent record.  The key field of the child record has the "read-only" form attribute as shown here:

When a user creates a child record from within the parent record, there are no issues as the key field in the child record gets automatically populated with the parent key data and the child key field is locked so the user can't inadvertently change it.

The issue is when the user creates the child record without being inside the parent record already.  In this case, the child key field is blank/null and the field is "read-only".  I would like to toggle the "read-only" attribute off at this point so the user can select the parent record in which to tie to the child record.  Is this possible?

Lien Gilhooley
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