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3 years ago

Uploading an existing file into Google Drive

Hi! I have a pipeline I'm working on but one step is giving me particular trouble and I can't figure out the right wording to search for a community post.

The end of the pipeline is supposed to upload an attached file from a table in Quickbase to a newly created folder in our team drive. When I select the "Upload a file" branch of the Google Drive channel, it asks for a URL. I tried both the "File transfer handle" and the "Browser URL" for the file (which is searched for in the previous step of the pipeline) but neither of those work. 

I feel like I am entering the wrong information into the "URL" field for the Drive channel but am not sure. Any advice would be welcome and I can always share more information if needed.



Greg Vasilion

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  • Can you post a screenshot of the Google Drive step along with one of the error that you're receiving?

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  • I was getting this error as well; what worked for me was either of two things:

    1.) Make the table where the file attachment record is stored open to Everyone On the Internet (not recommended); or

    2.) Go to the file attachment field properties, and check "Allow access to this file attachment from a Quickbase link without signing in."

    While this is more secure than option 1, keep in mind it does mean that if anyone has the direct link to the uploaded file, they will be able to access it without signing in to Quickbase.

    This solved the problem for me and allowed Drive to access the file to transfer it over.

    Steve Davidson