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24 days ago

Can't Upload New Version of an Existing File

I hope that I'm completely overlooking an obvious setting;  it appears that the new version of Forms no longer allows users to upload new versions of an existing file.  Historically, users could enter a record in "Edit" mode, click "Choose File", then upload a new or updated version of the existing attachment.

However, on the new version of Forms, users in my organization only have the ability to:

  1. Lock the current version of the File,
  2. Show Revision history of the field, or
  3. Delete the current version of the attachment

There is no longer an option to "Choose File" as far as I can tell.  I am referencing this guidance from Quickbase Help.  Below, please see an example of the file attachment field shown in Edit Mode, and the only available edit options.


If anyone has advice on how to upload a new version of an existing attachment, I would appreciate your support!

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