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25 days ago

New Version Form Not Showing as an Option for Data Form On Notification Setup Page

I have a notification created and below the designer area of that email there is the "Data Form" field.  The dropdown displays other forms in my table, but not a New Version Form.  How do I get my new version form to display?

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  • I suspect that Legacy Notifications only play nicely with Legacy Forms.

    The new Build you own / Custom notification only supports New Forms.

    So, I suggest taking the plunge and trying New Custom Build your own Notifications.

  • Are you still able to send email notifications to registered users that are not assigned to a specific application?  In the past all the user had to do was setup an account but not tie up a license and could still receive notifications.  Is this still doable?

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        Yes, new custom build your own notifications still support sending to email addresses of non Users.