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Hopefully a simple question.  Our company is a new QB subscriber.  Several of us have already designed new apps and are ready to role them out to the general employee population for use.  I'd like to prepare a simple "cheat sheet" or user guide to explain the basics of "using" QB apps (not to design new apps).  So, is there a simple user guide (i.e., Using QB 101) that is available within the QB universe or do I need to start from scratch and develop one?  Thank you in advance for any feedback.  Most importantly, stay safe, everyone.

Bruce Kasen

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  • Hi Bruce,

    Due to Quick Base's ability to be customized and built for a business most of the resources we have are for building applications since their usage is usually tied to what your business process are. Using my community metrics tracker app for example is very different from when I use our finance app for invoices because the processes are different. We do have some help documents that go into the basics of Quick Base and things like what is a home page, how do you use reports, etc for navigation that you can find under using an app in our help documentation here

    On top of our generic help topics a lot of app admins also make their own quick guides to the process of using their app. We even have a built in function to let you host your own user guides. This way it can be more tailored to the things they would need to know about your specific apps (what tables are for what purposes, what reports are best for finding data, etc.). Depending on how your process works perhaps you already have some diagrams or resources that would be helpful to have in the app that are pulled from the work they are doing. Was there something specific in Quick Base you were hoping to walk them through beyond that?

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