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4 years ago

Using Parent proxy reference Record Picker to filter child records in report (for editing)

I have the following tables (same guilty tables :) )

Events (Parent to Internet-Clients) - has a record picker on the Event-Date-and-Time

Internet-Clients (Child to Events) , (Parent to Problems) - has the reference proxy field on the Event-Date-and-Time

Problems (Child of Internet-Clients) 

Now I have a 'list' of Events (each unique date-and-time has a single record in Events), Internet-Clients that have successfully selected the date-and-time of the event they will be attending and included a problem statement.

Next step is to allow internal users to be able to edit an individual Problem record for a chosen Internet-Client based on the Event-Date-and-Time.

I've been messing around with using a form on Internet-Clients to be able to select the Event DAT and then using an associated grid report of the Internet-Clients associated with that Event DAT as well as just using a grid report and allowing someone to filter based on the Event DAT.

The datatype for Event DAT is a Date/Time since I want to specify both a Date and a Time when I add a new Event (which a very limited subset of internal users will be able to do).

When I've used the report filter on the Problems report, it pops up a calendar to filer on the Event DAT.  I want the user to be able to use the Event Record Picker (which I have one for Event DAT) to filter/display the Problem list for the event, not have to remember, for a given date, what time the event takes place.

If I've used the form approach on the Internet-Client, I can get the Event Record Picker (that works for the add) but then I don't know how to 'pass' the selected Event DAT down to the report so the generated report is just for the one event?

I'll keep poking but a nudge in a right direction would be awesome!!! 


Katherine Oakey
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