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4 months ago

Mobile Workflow Network Update: Recap and What's Next

Hi Mobile Workflow Customer Network Members!

Today I wanted to share a quick recap of our first Mobile Workflow Customer Network meeting and give you a heads up on the agenda for the next Mobile network meeting.

Recap of our first Mobile Workflow meeting: 

  • We ran a Menti to learn more about you, your experience with Quickbase Mobile, challenges you are currently experiencing with the U/,UX, and questions you have on improvements you wish to see soon. Polina and I loved the conversations and seeing members connecting with each other in the chat and sharing tips!

  • Polina was able to answer all the questions and shared what is slated to be released in the 2nd part of 2024. She also shared mobile optimization tips to make the most of your mobile real estate on phones and tablets.

  • Help me find my volunteers! We had 4 volunteers who were interested in sharing their mobile use case to the group but Menti does not tell me who it was! If you raised your hand, please connect with me to bring your use case to the main stage. I am on a mission to find you!


Attached to this post is a copy the PowerPoint presentation. I will also include a link to the recording and the password to access it. Fast forward the recording 6 minutes in when we officially start the meeting.


Recording for Mobile Customer Network Meeting

​mp4 iconMobile Customer Network Kickoff-20240117_180045-Meeting Recording.mp4

Password: JanMobileNetworkMeeting

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 21st at 12pm EST and will feature Matthew Frye and team from FastField. They will be going over FastField use cases, optimization tips, and share a brief roadmap for what to expect in 2024.

Thank you all and have a great afternoon!

Best Regards,


Esther LaVielle
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