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3 years ago

a payment approval table

I'm trying to think of an efficient way for our revenue team to request approval for payments.

Right  now I have it setup where we get payment on a well, the revenue team goes to that well, hits a button to request approval. A customized form opens for them to input the details of that payment in the notes field and in a revenue field, then they hit save and close, and an email is supposed to be sent to the approver. Once it's approved, an email is sent to the requester notifying them of the approval or denial.

We have a "Wells" table where we track all of the wells, and all of the above is done on that well record. This is kind of becoming cumbersome because we get payments every month on the same wells. I'm wondering if there are any examples out there I can see, or if this would be more efficient to have it on it's own table?

Any advice is appreciated!

Renee Hansen
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