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6 months ago

Add Inactive Field

I have a table with many programs with checkboxes to indicate if each company in the listing participates.  I am adding a check box field for inactive.  Once checked I would like this account to still show up but be grayed out and not show up in the totals at the bottom.  Is this possible and if so, how do I make it happen?

John Butler

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  • Hey John, 

    A real quick fix is it have an additional field named [Inactive Total]. You could then setup either a form rule or pipeline that says: When [Inactive] is true, change [Total] to 0 and change [Inactive Total] to the value that [Total] was/ is (this part will take some experimentation to see if you can accomplish both at the same time on a form rule, or if you have to do it in steps via pipelines. 

    This would then allow you to see the record on the report whilst the total doesn't record any additional values since the [total] field is now zero

    Shane Miller