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7 months ago

Add shaded background to every other row of a report

Is there a way to easily add a shaded background to every other row of a report to improve readability? The report uses filters so the record ID#s are not consecutive.


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    Not so much and probably not worth the effort.

    You would need to use a Formula  Query to count even,/ odd records, but the sort of the exact report would need to be replicated in the Formula Query.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

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      The only catch to Marks recommendation above is that the coloring would fall apart if a user applied their own dynamic filters. The formula query is great to the point above to essentially mimic the report behavior and color accordingly - but the query won't adjust/update when records are removed from searching or using dynamic filters. So for example if you have all the odd rows showing and then you apply a filter that removes the first 10 'even' rows - then the first 10 after you filter would all be odd and would all be the same color. 

      Chayce Duncan