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2 years ago

Alternate Row Shading in Reports

Hi everyone,

I have a report that my purchasing team uses to assign "Order details" to a PO (line items).  In our business a single item might have accessories for multiple line items.  I am trying to figure out how to do some row shading....

Attached is a screenshot of the report.  My attempt to row shade was to take the frac of the record ID/2 to try to see if it is even and if so make it gray.  but based on sorting that does not work.

So how do I do one of the two things:
Ideally shade based on the item # field which you will see on the screenshot.  So in this example the blank line item would be shaded, A01 would be non shaded, A03 shaded, and Z01 both line items not shaded (since they are attached)

In the event that is tricky I would sacrifice for true alternate row shading for readability but cannot figure out how to do that either.


Ivan Weiss

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  • I use alternate row shading all of the time in Excel; it would be a great addition to have this table styling option in Quickbase.

    Adam Keever