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3 years ago

Any idea how to determine how an email was triggered?

I have an automatic email that comes from QuickBase and my subject line is:

"Test - Is this the multi record email being sent"

Obviously I was smart enough to be testing something and fill out my subject line, (probably a multi-change notification). Unfortunately, I was not smart enough to put anything in the body of the email to help me remember what in the world I was testing, or what notification it was from.

I have probably over 100 notifications throughout multiple apps and tables. Any way I can somehow figure out how and where this is triggered from?

Michael Tamoush

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  • Hi Mike,

    If you are still looking to find the source of that email that is something the Care team can help out with. They can help track down what app/table that notification kicked off from if you let them know the name and time roughly that it went out. I'm assuming it is a custom one so it didn't come with the links back to the source app in the footer of the notification.

    Evan Martinez