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3 years ago

Any way for a dynamic rule to require children, using an editable report link?

I don't think this is possible, but I've found that people come up with all kinds of tricks and work arounds.

I have an editable report link on a form, and I want to require the user to enter at least one item in the editable report link to be able to save the form. I can't count the number of children, because that number doesn't update until after saving. Any way to make this happen?

Mike Tamoush

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    A Code Page with a custom HTML input would pull it off.  I have been trying to solve something very similar but do not quite have it yet.   My business case is that I need the User to edit data in the parent record and child records on the same edit before saving.

    The Code Page is killing me..........

    Don Larson
    Westlake OH