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3 years ago

Any word on moving Pipelines back into each app for multiple dev visability?

Haven't really touched pipelines yet for our other apps and projects since all developers cannot see them.  Still do not understand this design choice...

Any word from QB on fixing this to work like Automation so our development teams can work together?

John Ross

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  • I believe it was in the January release notes that they announce delaying of the end of life for creating new Automations from January to June. One of the reasons they stated was this exact use case as to how they plan to let Adminstrators  see pipelines. It appears the direction they are going is that if you are the admin of an app which involves a Pipeline then you'll be able to see that pipeline.

    But they are giving themselves until the end of June to get that programming done,  among other Pipeline enhancements, most notably failure error notifications . So the answer to your question is "some time between now and June".

    Mark Shnier (YQC)