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2 years ago

Attachments- Viewing and Deleting in the Mobile App

Hi Quickbase community, 

On the forms within my apps I have an attachment field. The users that work at customer locations are completing these forms and attaching attachments on their iPhones or iPads. These attachments can easily be viewed on the desktop version after the form has been completed but the users who use the mobile app are not able to view these attachments or delete them after submitting them. How do we go about this issue?

Landon Wyrick

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  • What are the attachment types?

    We can view pdf attachments on our IPADs without issue. On Android, it mostly works but can be a little quirky, sometimes i need to press on the file a few times on Android before it opens.

    Regarding deleting attachments, I havent attempted that on mobile. QB mobile is pretty rudimentary and as a lot of bugs, so its possible it is not a function. Their mobile has a million bugs, and up until recently they have basically said to me ' Sorry, we aren't working with mobile so good luck with all those bugs'.

    However, on the plus side, I've heard that this past year they have finally started working on mobile. I'll believe it when I see it though....there are some massively horrible bugs on mobile.

    Mike Tamoush