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4 years ago

"Attempting to add a non-unique value to a field marked "unique" error on a QB Connected Table

My connected table has been erroring out on the hourly table refreshes due to the following error:

 The error was: Trying to add a non-unique value to a field marked unique - Your import data has duplicate values for the following unique fields Field name: "

I was able to verify that the field in question does not have any duplicate values in both the source and destination table. In addition, the destination table already has the records in question within the table, so if anything, the records should be updated but there shouldn't be an error on the refresh. 

Has anyone else dealt with a similar issue? Not certain of what next steps to try aside from reaching out to QB Support.

Niraj Shah

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  • Did you ever find a resolution?  I'm running into the same issue

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  • Is the same field unique in both the origin table and the synced table? Or is the unique field only in the synced table?

    If only in the synced table, check to see if there are multiple blank entries that are trying to sync. A duplicate blank will register as non-unique.

    Mike Tamoush
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      Qrew Cadet
      Hi Mike,

      Yes. The same field is unique and required in both the origin and synced table. 

      I submitted a support ticket to QB and they couldn't figure out the issue either and are escalating the ticket.

  •  Have you tried running a summary report on the source table to group on the field in question to make sure there's no duplicates?

  • Hi Mark, yes, I checked on the source table, which has 'user account' as a key field (not sure why we did that when we created the table). There were a few accounts showing multiple records, where someone has two accounts linked to separate email addresses (so not identified as duplicates when checked in Excel). I've removed the 'duplicates' but am still getting the same error. 

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      I am not familiar with checking duplicates in excel. Have you tried making a summary report and QuickBase to group  by that field?  Then click the column twice to sort up the record count from highest to lowest.  Maybe it's a situation where the user account has a leading or trailing space?

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        The approach in Excel was to download as a CSV file and then pivot on the key field. It didn't find any because the accounts were different. 

        When I followed your approach there were some duplicates (the accounts were different, but the name part of the accounts were the same). I removed one of each pair from the source table and repeated the exercise, but still no luck. 

        After some further selective pruning of the data I got the sync to work. I'm not sure what made the difference, but it worked. We have pipelines running overnight that may add some of the data back in, so it will be interesting to see if the sync keeps working.