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2 years ago

Attrition Chart

I am struggling on creating an Attrition Chart in Quickbase. I need to create a Total YTD New Hires and Total YTD Separations that shows the Attrition %. An example would be Separations YTD = 14 and YTD New Hires = 57 to the attrition being 12%. The New Hires field is Start Date and Separations field is End Date.


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  • I suggest that you make two new formula numeric fields. They should calculate to either a one or a zero depending on respectively if they hire date is not equal to null or the termination date is not equal to null.

    Then Make a summary report and summarize those two fields by totals. Then you can use what is called a summary formula in the report configuration to do arithmetic operations on those two fields.

    Your post said you wanted to make a chart but I think you should make a summary report. I'm not quite sure what you would be grouping the Rosanne, if you have nothing to Groupon then make a dummy field text formula field and group on that.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)