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3 years ago

Auto Assign a Task

I am looking for a way to automatically assign a task to a user when it is created. I would like to do this round robin style with a group of user.

Chris Curtis

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  • You can create a Round Robin User table and assign each user in the group a sequential number.  Create a Parameter table that records the last user assigned as a number, and total number of users. 

    Then write a pipeline where when a task is created, look up the parameter record  (fixed record), and get the last user assigned #, add one if less than total number of users or set to 1 if equal to the total number of users, write back to last user assigned.  Look up the Round Robin User based on the new number, and write that to the task assignment field. 

    Anytime the team changes ​you will have to adjust your parameter and the sequence number, as any blanks will cause no assignment.

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