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3 years ago

Auto-assign user based on queue

What is the best way to handle this assignment scenario in QuickBase?

  • Our department has a production tool (created in QuickBase) that contains a record for each active project.
  • The quality review can be requested for each project and needs to have a person automatically assigned for the review.
  • There are three types of reviews you can request: Tech, Grammar and ID
  • For each review type, there could be up to 100 users to select from
  • I need to find a way to automatically assign a user to the review based on:
    • They are qualified for the specific type of review requested (tech review requested = tech review qualified)
    • They are "next in line" to be assigned a review
    • They are not marked as "unavailable" (this would be if they are on PTO or booked for high priority project)
  • The goal is to ensure that all colleagues are assigned an equal number of reviews by having it 'simply' go down the list. Once at the bottom of the list, it starts over again.
  • While I could allow for a manual assignment process, we are looking for every possible automation to keep the process flowing without adding time needed for manual interventions. This is a new tool and we are pulling out all of the stops to increase user adoption.

I appreciate any insight you can offer to the options available!

Adriene Russell
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