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2 years ago

Auto-fill the address field from another table based on the project name

I am trying to auto-fill the details of a project basis the project number. 

For example, I have a table with "Project Dump" and there is another table called "Live Projects" where the sample projects will be worked by the trainees.

While choosing a project from the dump to be assigned in the "Live Projects" table, I want the projects details like address and another URL link to be auto populated from the "Projects Dump" table. How do I achieve this?

Rahul Mathew

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  • It is not clear from your explanation which is the Parent and  which is the Child but typically you have a relationship where one Parent has many Child records.

    Then any field do you want down on the child record to simply go to that relationship and add look up Fields on the relationship.  Then any changes on the Parent will be instantly reflected in the children records.  

    So you are not auto populating existing fields in the child record you are bringing those fields down is look up fields.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)