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3 years ago

Auto Update the Month Name in a field?

On a Sales Page I have two sales reports that show the "previous month" and the "month before" sales individually in two different reports and I'd like a text section above each report to read December 2021 Sales and November 2021 Sales respectively.  Kicker is Id like it to change when the month changes as the reports auto change themselves.

If January 2022 display December 2021


If January 2022 display November 2021

Any help is much appreciated.

Michael Knecht

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  • No problem,
    Make a table with one record in it and use various fields which will calculate the words for the previous month and the next month based on today's date.

    Then make a couple of reports that just have those respective  single fields on the report.

    Then go to your dashboard in position does two reports right above your sales reports. That way they will sort of look like headings to the sales reports.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)