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3 years ago

Automate the creation of a years worth of Daily Notes

I'm trying to wrap my head around something I haven't set up before.

I need to automate the creation of 365 records, when a single record is created.

So when a staff record is created, I need to create a years worth of Daily Notes for that staff member.  Notes are a different table.  Each note will have the date, and a place for the note.  So if a staff member is created on May 1st, I need to have notes for May 1st, May 2nd, etc.  All the way till April 30th of the following year.  Leap year would need to be considered here as well.

Any suggestions on the beat way to go about this?  I'm thinking I need a seperate table to act as a template for each day??  

Thanks for any suggestions.

Dana Hauser

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    Do they have to be created in advance?

    A Pipeline running daily could create a Note for that person every day.

    Don Larson