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2 years ago

Automated process

Hello quickbase community!

I have a question to develop. I have 2 tables:

I need that when a record in the Reservations table changes to status = sold, a new record is generated in the Commissions table with various information about the reservations.

I understand that I must use pipelines to achieve this but I'm not sure.



Herberth Solano V. 

Herberth Solano

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  • Hello, You are understanding correctly, for me the pipeline is the best option.

    Thank you

    Marcelo Benavides Torres

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    Depending on the information going into the Commissions table, you could use a Webhook or a Pipeline. A Webhook would be faster, because everything is in memory. However, a Pipeline is more powerful because it can transform data and perform multiple actions.

    Dwight Munson