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2 months ago

automate role granting process - add admin to all apps

Hi guys.

I am currently working on a project thats going to automate role granting process based on the requests in ServiceNow so I am looking to utilize the HTTP API to grant user a role through API_AddUserToRole. 

First I want to export current roles related to all active apps in Quickbase - a whooping 429 apps to be able to create a predefined drop-down (we are currently not creating more roles/apps).

I understand that through API_UserRoles call I can get all roles associated with one app, so if it means that an account with admin access on all apps can generate list of all roles for all apps.

How can I streamline granting such admin access to 429 apps? Or granting some access level to all apps?

Any advice or strategies would be greatly appreciated.

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