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2 years ago

Automatically Calculating an End Date

We have ~80 Employees and need to keep a historical record of what jobs they have worked on. Crew assignments are made by entering a new record when an employee changes jobs so the only data entry per se is a new "Job" and new "Assignment Start Date." When a new assignment date is entered the old job assignment is complete, so I need to calculate the duration and end date (which is new assignment date, less one day) for the previous assignment record.

I figured out a way to tag the most recent entry and after testing, it seems to be working as required. Now what I need to figure out is how to calculate the end date and elapsed days an employee was assigned to a particular job.

Keith Hendrick

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  • You would need to set up an Automation or a Pipeline to Trigger on a new job created and search of old job record that do not have an end date and populate that date.  

     I suggest that you make a formula field to calculate the start date of the job record minus one day or one business day and then have that field available to use in your automation or a pipeline to populate the end date of any previous jobs which do not have an end date.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)