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2 years ago

Automatically create a record

Been racking my brain on how to do this for a while but not seeing anything helpful on how to do this.  I have a Table called Daily Action Log.  A record is created to keep totals on the number of tickets that were completed in a day, month, year, etc.  Right now, we manually and daily create the record with all this data for each employee.  Which isn't a problem however we don't do it on the weekend so the data isn't collected. Trying to figure out how this record can automatically be created in the table with the data.  Looked into pipelines but this seems to be to create a record based off a third party application so doesn't seem like what I need. I see Quickbase Actions, which replaced automations, but it seems it would create the record when an action is done in another table, which won't help since I need the action to be done in the same table.  Am I missing something on how to do this easily?  Just want to automatically create the new record with the data each day.  Thanks!!

Shane Selasky