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3 years ago

Automation settings for nested drop downs

Hi All :)

I have set up an automation to occur when adding a new record. 
A New Record in "Employee" Table will trigger a new record in the "Task" Table. 

It is working great except for 2 fields.  These 2 fields are lookups from 2 separate tables. One is dependent on the other. 
The Available fields only show the "Related" field. 

I don't even know what else to provide to help resolve this one. Here is a screen shot of the options I have when selecting the field to fill.  I do have other 'text - multiple choice' fields in the "Task" form that were built in the form and not a look up. And I have the option to Select From List  for those, but these two only provide the option to Copy a value or Type a value. Unfortunately, Typing a value is not populating when the automation occures.

Thank you in advance for your help! :)

Amber Anderson
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