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Qrew Captain
3 years ago

Automations not firing regularly

The last 2 days I have had several automations just stop functioning. I have changed nothing in the app, we are just using it daily as always, these automations are just not firing, and they're not even showing errors in their lists.

Chris Newsome

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  • Hi Chris,

    Yesterday we had a platform wide issue with Automations and Pipelines. While the main source was resolved today we are still having some users experiencing some issues from the outage. I would recommend putting in a case with our Care team to connect on what issues you are seeing and what is still persisting today as they can give you more specific information for your experience. 

    If you want to stay up to date on our status updates you can subscribe on our status page to be notified of future issues, releases, and scheduled maintenance. Our team is also working up a root cause explanation right now to go into deeper detail on the issue we saw yesterday.

    Evan Martinez