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5 years ago

Automation firing on save and close

Hi all,

I've sent out a survey that my users may not complete in one sitting. I've set up a PIN validation so that the tabs won't open unless the PIN is entered correctly. I'm trying to clear the PIN when they save and close so that it won't already be entered next time they go into the survey. Problem is that it clears when they "save and keep working" as well, so that's not going to work.

Has anyone got any other ideas on how I can manage this?

Looking forward to your creative solutions!



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  • What about setting multiple conditions to clear the field? Something like "When the record is saved", and [The last question in your survey] is not equal to "blank"?
  • Thanks Robert. Great idea, but I can't be sure which question they might get to before hitting "save and keep working". I've done the simplest possible thing and removed that as an option :) So now they have to save and close, which clears the fields for the next time. All good.
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      Create a formula that checks if any field has not been completed. Something along the lines of:

      If ([field1]="" Or [field2] = "", 0,1)

      Use that result for clearing the PIN.
  • Hi Jason. No it isn't, so I've taken it away and everything is working great now. Thanks for responding. I'm not sure how to close this question off, so apologies for not having done it. Do you know how to mark this as resolved?
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      I am unsure how that is done but if you put in a comment in that it is resolved there won't be anyone adding to the thread unless there are questions about how you did it.