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Qrew Cadet
3 years ago

Automations Phase - Pipelines Doesn't Do Certain Task

Huge Issue.  With our applications, we rely a lot on table-to-table imports. Almost all of them have 4 or more imports that run daily.  When trying to run the migration tool, I get an error of "Scheduled automation not supported." Also, id rather not have to create 40 table imports in pipelines across all of our apps. 

Is this being looked into or are we going to have to create these imports manually (which is a lot more complicated than in QuickBase), and then not have a way to run them automatically?

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  • Hi Stephen,

    Right now there isn't a built in call for Pipelines to pull up a T2T import and run it, you can use a method where you set up your Pipeline triggers and then use the Webhook channel to trigger your Pipeline (Mark Shnier actually dropped an example of this set up in another thread here). Alternatively, if you want to use built in Pipeline calls you can do mass data movement like T2T imports using the Bulk Records action. This would allow you to find data in Pipelines and then move it in bulk, it just uses a different function so everything stays contained within your Pipeline instead of having to go out to another feature and access it. As an added bonus in the case of T2T imports that go across applications this Pipeline action doesn't pull your apps into the same server when it runs unlike T2T imports across apps which do. We do not have a guide made up to step by step doing this type of set up yet but it is in the works right now, it is still getting edited and worked on, once it goes live it will be in our Automations to Pipelines hub.  Then in the future the tool will be seeing some expansions to support migrating over more Automations. I hope that suggestion is helpful and thanks for the feedback it helps drive the resources we make to support this migration.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager