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3 years ago

Back up Help

I am trying to backup an app and I keep getting "File to Large" when trying to download.  The table is 4,500 lines long and I have removed all the fiends not needed but still getting file to large.  Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Kyle McAfee

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    Your attachment does not work for me so I cannot see what you are trying to share. Can you walk us through how you are trying to back this up? Are you using the copy app function? Something else? Just a single table or a full app?
  • You would do better to use the QuNect ODBC connector and the Backup tool to data-dump tables of data to Excel.
    Quickbase can only handle a certain size of report to export to Excel and you've clearly reached its limits.
    There's a 30 day trial on the ODBC tool; but it's well worth the cost because you can do so much more with it.

    Laura Thacker IDS
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      Thank you.  I will check it out.

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    Perhaps of interest: I just created a free python library to interact with the API. It's very rudimentary right now, but the one fully functioning thing is the ability to backup Quickbase databases to local JSON files.