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Qrew Cadet
8 months ago

Redirect Back to Dashboard after form Save?

Hello, I have a button on the default dashboard that opens a form.  After saving the form is it possible to redirect the user back to the dashboard rather than displaying the submitted form record?  

Also, even a bonus, would it be possible to display a small window that says thankyou for the form submission and takes you back to the dashboard?



Brian Dunk

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  • If you're on the home pages - there is a setting within the button when you create new records that will redirect you back to the home page like so: 

    On the Dashboard home pages, its the same concept within each button just slightly different UI

    As for the pop up thank you message - you could get creative with a custom page thank you screen with a Javascript redirect, but that route gets difficult given that you don't control all the ways a user could save in Quickbase and control of that redirect. If this is some kind of external user, or a user that will never be editing or viewing the record in Quickbase again - you could also just make a new 'form' in your table that is the thank you message and set that form to display when users 'View' the record, and on that form give them a button back to the homepage. Its not an automatic redirect, but it gets you in the ballpark. 

    Chayce Duncan