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3 years ago

Barcoding and key fields

I have 3 tables  objects >pallets >and containers

When the employee add a new object  they need 2 populate 2 fields 
  • first field is a picture of the object
  • second field is a barcode (number) selected randomly from a stack of preprinted labels

This entry goes pretty well until...  Palletizing
Now I go to the pallet table and I have 2 problems
  1. I cannot lookup the barcode from the object as it is not a key field.  In other systems I would set up a foreign key .
  2. I need the pallet record to stay open and allow me to point an click at all off the objects with the barcode scanner without additional screen commands. ( I need something akin to add new record and go to control on update)  looking for ideas.

Similarly I need to  associate pallets that have assigned QR codes to respective containers for shipment.

Any suggestions here are greatly appreciated

Dan McLaughlin

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  • Os this the question?

    "One Container has Many Pallets and One Pallet has many Objects.  I have successfully applied a barcode sticker onto an object physically well as in Quickbase. 

    Now I have identified a Focus Pallet being assembled and want to be able to quickly scan many Objects (presumably only Objects not already assigned to other pallets) to set their "Related Parent Pallet" record to be the Focus Pallet."

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
  • Hi Dan,
    As follow up on Mark's inquiry what would help is provide a simple data model of your requirement, that would help. You may take a snap of the relational tables from inside quickbase.

    Souheil Karam