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6 months ago

Base64 Encode for file attachment field content

Hello dear friends!

I'm in need to extract the Base64 content from a specific file attachment field. This will be used in an API to upload this file in other external application.

Using the formula Base64Encode([File Attachement Fied]) the result was just the attachment name encoded - and not the content of the attachment itself.

Is there anyway i can do this natively in Quickbase - and how could i include this process in my pipeline?

We already have a Quickbase RESTful JSON API that retrieve the base64 of a specific file attachment (

However i don't know how to referenciate this response as a variavel to other steps of my pipeline. I thank you all in advance :)

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  • Natively you can't use a formula to convert the file on demand/within QB itself. Depending on how large your files are though - you can use the downloadFile API call per your comment and log/write the api response into a Text field in QB. Basically when the file is uploaded/when your pipelilne runs, use the Quickbase Request channel to make the downloadFile request, and write the response value back to a text field dedicated to this. 

    If you're using the Pipeline to make the API call to another system though - you can just perform the downloadFile call during that process and do the same. No actual need to write back to QB. 

    Chayce Duncan