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2 years ago

Batch process for adding files

I'm not sure how to start with my question.  I have a large set of tasks to be used by a technician in the field.  To show the completion of each task the technician of the equipment in the field.  An example would be to photograph the serial number of a component.  Once back in the office the photo is then processed (watermark added, etc.).  The next step is to add the photo to the task by uploading to QuickBase.

A large number of photographs need to be added at once.  The process of adding a photograph to a record in QB is a bit tedious. One must edit the record, select the photo saved locally, save the edited record, then proceed to the next record.  A way to do something like "Grid Edit" the photo link would greatly speed up the process.  Would appreciate any insights into solving this problem.  Several thousand photos are involved.

John Hancock

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  • There are two great options for quickly adding multiple photos as separate child record to the record that you launched off of.

    One is Juiced multi file upload.  It has the advantage of being supported and you can also "Tag" a set up uploaded pictures with the same tag as you upload.  Fo example a Real Estate agent uploading pix all tagged with "Basement".  The tags are off a multiple choice field, so not free form entry. 

    The other option is free.  Go to My Apps, and then Explore sample apps and download Kirk Tracy's Magic Buttons app and then look at any Project record and look for the tab called multi file upload.  That solution requires you to copy and paste the example code page.  So a bit less featured and some more do it yourself and also essentially unsupported if it breaks.  But it's free.

    Both solutions should work well with uploading from a smartphone, although I have only personally testing on iOS iPhones.

    However, in your use case it should like you want to upload one photo per record into an attachment field.  One option might be to instead use multi file upload to upload a single child record to a task.  Then, there will be a way to roll up the image(s) to the parent task record and have them be viewable there.  Even uploading a single photo off say a phone will be faster with multifile upload than editing the record.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)