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11 months ago

Best Way to link to a new Dashboard?

When linking to a new dashboard, I just view the dashboard and then copy the URL from the browser. However, I noticed that when viewing your pages, you can 'copy Dashboard ID to Clipboard'.  This copies the end string to the clipboard.

I am struggling to understand how to use this ID in a useful way, without simply copying the entire URL. Is there a clean, best practice shortcut to creating the URL utilizing the Dashbord ID you copy? Or is my way of simply viewing the board and copying the entire URL the way to do it?

Mike Tamoush

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  • Probably depends on where you're using it. If you're adding a formula button to a form to take someone to the dashboard, then having the ID you can do the short hand URLRoot() & "db/" & AppId() formula syntax to then just plug in the dash ID you copied, but if you're just adding a link to the dashboard to another dashboard lets say to move between them then you're better off just copying the entire link. 

    Chayce Duncan