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25 days ago

Best ways get up to speed on the structure of an existing Quickbase business app?

I need to get up to speed on the structure of an existing QuickBase business app that has 40+ tables. Then, move it over time into a managed design cycle.

Any suggestions on ways to do this? Or been here, done that?



I'm coming from perspective of small business CTO wanting to bring our app into a managed development structure. 

Coding-wise, coming from Visual Studio and compiled code dev.  I'm new to QuickBase. 

I confess to a feeling of frustration as I  browsed the app in the QB design tools. Perhaps because of an expectation to be able to see the structure and dependencies of our app called out in a taxonomy of sorts. Or, be able to export the structure to bring into outside tools.

Just noticed the QBL -  it sounds promising.

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  • There is also a new add on from Juiced Technologies to help document apps.  The demo is here.   I don't understand the tool myself yet, but somewhere lost in my email is an invitation to a live demo with participation for that tool (which will get recorded and posted)  As you are new to Quickbase, you may not know about Juiced. The two Juiced brothers (Keith and Todd Jusas) are seasoned IT guys who have specialized in add ons for Quickbase for the past 20+ years. 

    The recordings are here . I don't see that one posted for that tool so maybe the webinar is upcoming.  You can contact Juiced or else they seems to have bots to watch for Forum postings mentioning their name, so Keith may chime in here. 

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      Thank you Mark!  Actually we've had this add-on around for many years.  We don't promote it as much as we should but it is helpful for a lot of our clients.

      Learn more: Link to the webinar recording

  • That juiced webinar is live today

    Product Spotlight + Open Forum Q&A:

    Create Detailed Documentation of Your Quickbase Application

    Today, we will be covering our Quickbase Documentor Add-On for the very first timeduring Office Hours. Documentor creates detailed documentation for your Quickbase application, allowing you to keep a log events like email notifications, actions, webhooks, etc.

    Some of the main use cases for Documentor include:

    • Supporting Compliance and Audit Requirements: Maintain detailed and up-to-date documentation to satisfy audit and regulatory needs.
    • Implementing Version Control: Keeps track of any modifications made to your application, providing a level of version control.
    • Logging Events in Your Application: Quickly get new team members up to speed with comprehensive, automatically generated documentation.


    🔽  Here are the meeting details  🔽

    Date: TODAY, 6/26/2024
    Time: 2:00-3:00pm EST

  • Have you at least located the Relationship Diagram tool found under the app management table under settings for the app.  The first step is to drag and drop that to unscramble it.  

    Tip #1.   Be sure to click save as you go from time to time but most importantly before once you have it unscrambled.

    Tip#2. Try to get as many of the lines uncrossed as possible and turn off the label for ghe reated parent field.

    Tip#3. when that annoying popup comes in the middle of the screen, drag it way don to the corner somewhere.

  • Thank you - that's a definite step up from the Visual Builder!

    Thanks for the tips, also

    Good to know about the 'save'. I was hesitant to save, seems like no 'undo' function. (working in a copy of the production app, but...)