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3 years ago

Box CSV connected table - unexpected issue

So I was trying out the CSV connected table functionality with Box.

As I was getting a feel for how things flowed through my app and testing different fields for  the 4 Refresh Key criteria, I went through a few cycles of deleting the records in the connected table, and moving the previously imported CSV files from "Done" back to the main folder for further import testing.

[For additional context, this app has a secondary table which uses a Quick Base Action to automatically copy new records from the connected table to the second table based on a another set of filter criteria.]

After ~2-3 rounds of the above debugging/testing the process, QB started processing the CSV files as expected - the relevant/expected records were copied from the connected table to the secondary table perfectly, and QB moved the CSV file to the Done folder when complete, BUT the connected table did not display ANY records.  I did see as the page was refreshing that QB would briefly flash to the expected record count in the linked table and then ultimately show 0 once the page was fully loaded.

What could be causing this?

Only thing I can think of is the version control feature in Box still having a deleted version of the import CSV files in one of the QB folders, but that doesn't quite explain it.

Please advise

Ken Hillyer
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