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2 months ago

Bucket Channel Check Rows for Data before Download CSV


I have a pipeline that searches for records based on a status.  It then uses the Bucket "Add a Row" in order to put those records and respective data into the Bucket Table that is defined (see picture below).  After the rows are added, I have the CSV downloading (see picture) if the list of records exist.  But that is where it is not working.  In essence, I only want the Download CSV to happen if there is data and rows.  Is there a way to query the Bucket rows or somehow check if data exists first?

Lija Harris

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  • The best thing I can come up with is to essentially do a blank query to your table and then set a condition if the returning rows are not empty. So something like: 

    Just do a search in your table without a query and then check if there is anything that comes back as a kind of fake counter check. 

    Chayce Duncan