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7 months ago

Bulk create child records from selection list

Looking for a way to help users customize child related tasks when creating a new parent record. Nothing has been built quite yet but the basic structure would be to have a parent table Transaction...
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    4 months ago

    Just to close this loop. I did go with the copy master and detail option.  For this instance I modified it so that just the child records would be created as opposed to both the parent and child records.  This setup should meet our needs as the need for the 30+ child records isn't a given when a new parent record is created.  This keeps my app free of extraneous records that may never get populated.  The user will be able to select child records that aren't applicable but still allow for additional ones as needed. 

    As a bonus, I configured the parent record to hide the "copy child records" button if any child records are already created. But, if for whatever reason, they delete all the child records, they will see the button again to re-add.

    Happy with the solution.