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10 months ago

Button Bar Widget - Page - open as popup, then close when button selected

I have a simple URL page.  I created a 'Page' button on my home page from the 'Button Bar Widget'. 

I want that page to open in a popup window and close when I hit the 'Close' button. 

When I preview the page, the 'Close' button works fine.  When I execute the button from the Home Page, it does not work.

Regarding opening it as a popup, I've tried multiple javascript and html options, but none have worked.  Any help will be appreciated.

Code for the URL page is as follows:



<h3><p><u>Information Text Goes Here</u></h3>

<button onclick="self.close()">Close</button>


Aaron B

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  • Hi Aaron,

    This is a limitation of Home Page buttons in QB.  The closest you can get as a workaround is to use a Rich Text element in your Home Page and add and image of a 'button'.  Then, you can link that image to the code page you created with the target set to 'New Window.'

    Chris Wheatley
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      Thanks for clarifying that limitation.  I will pursue your workaround suggestion.


      Much appreciated.



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