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2 years ago

Button from a child table to go to the parent table.

I am trying to create a button that will take me from a child table to view a parent table. This is what I have.

URLRoot()&"db/" &[_DBID_GUARDIANS] &"?a=dr&rid=" & [Related Student]

Im not sure if my flow has anything to do with it. Guardian to Student (related) Student to Services (related) from services I am trying to use to the button to get to the guardian. This button takes me to "guardian" just the wrong one.

Have I missed a step? 

Cassie Hubble

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  • Can you confirm if you have a [Related Guardian] field? It seems you have the wrong [Related..] field in your url. The button looks correct - but I would expect to see something like [Related Guardian] instead of student since that would be the RID of the Guardian that you're attempting to get to.

    Something more like this is what I would be expecting

    URLRoot()&"db/" &[_DBID_GUARDIANS] &"?a=dr&rid=" & [Related Guardian]

    Chayce Duncan