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2 months ago

Can I setup a reminder email to remind me on the date, instead of x days before or after?

I have a reminder email notification setup, based on the date in a field called "Remind Me On." This is a date field where the user can specify a date in which he or she wants to be reminded of the task. We chose this path rather than standardizing reminders to be sent X days prior to the due date. This way, if someone wants to be reminded a week before or a day before, they can customize their remind date. 

In the reminder email template, I have the option to select to be reminded X days before the "Remind Me On" date, or X days after. I attempted to insert a 0 value in that field, and selected "before," hoping that I would get a reminder on the date specified in the field. I did not. 

The only other solution I can think of is to create a formula field that takes the Remind Me On date and adds 1 day. Then setup the reminder email to send 1 day before that formula date - which would end up being my Remind Me On date. 

Are there any better solutions?

Thank you


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  • Hmmm, I have used 0 days many times with success. Are you sure there wasn't another filter causing an issue? If I have a moment I will test mine again and double check.

  • I just set up a quick test and using '0 days before the date in the field...' worked for me (at least when clicking 'send test email'. I would have to wait until tomorrow to fully test....). I would double check your reminder email, and if it still isn't sending, check with Customer Support.

    If you want to test, just be sure to make a dummy record with todays date and put the 0 in and send a test email. Be sure to add a filter that ONLY sends your test record, or else every person with todays date will get the test email :)